Tuan Tours

Founded by a former chauffeur guide with many years of experience, Sri Lanka Tuan Tours has been designed to give you the best Sri Lankan experience. We offer tailor-made packages to our clients to suit their personal needs at an affordable price. Tuan tours focus on giving it’s clients the best experience for the best price. We maintain professional and close relationships with our clients because we believe that customer satisfaction and customer relationship is what grows the tourism industry in Sri Lanka. So, we push hard to satisfy all your needs and make your experience in the paradise island a memorable one for you and your loved ones. We not only help you plan your trips, but we also arrange accommodation and transportation while giving you the advantages of early bookings, special fares, and deals.

Throughout your stay in Sri Lanka, we will provide you a private vehicle with professionally trained and experienced guides to assist you and your family to travel around Sri Lanka. We are able to offer multilingual guides, tour escorts upon the client’s requests. During your stay in Sri Lanka, we will take care of all your needs and any special requirements or requests that may arise, we are always prepared to provide. 

We at Tuan tours work hard to keep our customers happy and to make their experience in Sri Lanka unforgettable because this beautiful country has so much to offer, with our expertise in the field we know how to provide them at the most reasonable rate a tour company could,  we are doing what we love, and nothing makes us happier than seeing someone enjoy their stay in Sri Lanka.

We have built our company on a set of core values to create a memorable tour experience that lasts a lifetime. We want you to love our tours so much, that you will tell your friends about us!

Our Core Values

  • Unrivaled customer service to meet your needs.
  • Professional, expert guides that exceed your expectations.
  • Top-quality tours that create life long memories.
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